Took the chance to enjoy the last of the canola before it’s gone for another year!

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Balladong Canola

I reckon this is one of my most favourite times of the year, when the canola crops splash the country with some colour!

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A mountaintop experience!

As another year closes and a new ones starts, Christmas always brings an element of reflection looking back on what the year brought. I can safely say, 2015 has been a mountaintop experience for me! For me, this year brought me so much closer to God, or rather strengthened my faith and trust in Him, who is good! I am amazed to see how He worked in so many ways in my life, both little and big, to direct my paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” This verse is one I find myself continuously thinking about, reciting and battling with as I learn to trust in Him. But God surely has led me this year, opening doors up for me to attend Capernwray Bible College over in N.S.W for a semester, and walking right beside me as my love for who He is deepened so much more. I felt a peace I have rarely felt, in surrendering myself completely to Him and an incredible freedom I tasted which left me wanting more. I am absolutely staggered at the character of God and it is slowly dawning on me that all I need is Him. Coming back from bible college has been a battle, being taken from a group which became like family to me held by strong bonds firmly planted in Jesus, and having to face yet another semester of uni. Thankfully, I made my way through that one and with a big sigh of relief, graduated this semester. Yet again I find myself facing uncertainty, but I think God has prepared me better for the unknown this time and I find myself facing 2016 with excitement, particularly as I find my heart in two places. I am excited to see where He will lead me next. Excited to see how much deeper my relationship with Him will become. And excited to honour Him with everything I do.

I feel incredibly blessed to have met so many people this year who have encouraged me in my walk with God (Capes crew) and to have been apart of their lives and also to have had the privilege of encouraging others in their faith. I feel blessed to have seen some incredible places in this amazing country of ours and overseas exploring New Zealand… and soon (very soon) getting the opportunity to travel overseas to see a girl who means more to me than words can say!

It is my prayer for you that God touches your heart and you reach out to Him and anchor your very being in Him.

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Sandpatch Swell

Sandpatch swell catching the first rays of the rising sun! Didn’t have the energy to climb down the 507 steps this morning, so watched from up top!


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Barley Crop

Couldn’t resist a quick detour down a dirt road to capture these storm clouds as I headed down to Albany to meet up with my family who’d gone on ahead. Just happened to be some beautiful golden crops of barley bordering either side of the road which were just being harvested… perfect timing! Hearing the wind rush through the tops of the crop , stirring the heads of barley is one of the most relaxing sounds in life I reckon!

_MG_3158 2.jpg

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The light is incredible in the late afternoons these days! There’s so much to see with spring in full swing! This little guy was right in front of me, but I’m embarrassed to say I almost missed him completely as I was so focused on what was beyond in the distance. God is so good and I’m continually amazed and humbled by how incredible his handiwork is!


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Australia’s Golden Outback

The Murchison in Australia’s Golden Outback is an area I’ve been itching to explore for awhile now, so it was awesome to finally get the chance to drive out this way – during the wildflower season too! It really is a rich and diverse area with so much to see and I found myself constantly stopping on the side of the road or switching lenses in the car to go chase something I’d spotted. I eventually made it out to Wooleen Station on sunset where a whole heap of other photographers (including Steve Fraser, one of Australia’s leading landscape photographers) were gathered for the weekend. The weather was perfect and I found my enthusiasm for photography return as I was blessed to see and shoot scenes like those below. Every time I explore more of this incredible country, I am more in awe of the One who created it all!

Flooded Billabong

Making Tracks

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