507 Steps of Pain

This image has a bit of a story behind it…

Decided to head out to the windfarm for my last sunset opportunity in Albany before heading home, but upon arriving quickly decided to change vantage point and head down to the beach below the windfarm, one called Sandpatch. After a bit of a slow start getting down to the beach (I remembered upon descending halfway down that I had left my phone on the roof of my car, bad habit!), I was only left with 10 minutes to capture the rapidly sinking sun in the cloudless sky. I love this beach for the sheer feeling of ruggedness and isolation it gives you, with the waves pounding the shoreline as you look both up and down the beach and see no one for miles. After the sun set, I made my way over to a rock shelf, and gingerly stepped out onto it careful to avoid the large sharp barnacles which grow on these rocks  (forgot my reef shoes, bad mistake!). As I got absorbed in what I was doing, one wave took me by surprise and swept me off my feet and as I struggled to regain my balance whilst keeping the tripod and camera in the air out of the water, I couldn’t help but step right onto a bunch of barnacles, slicing my feet to shreds. Lesson learnt! This shook me up a fair bit and with a fair bit of damage done to my feet, I called it a night and packed up my gear, knowing I had to climb a couple hundred steps to get back up to my car – 507 to be exact (I counted to take my mind off the pain)! Hence the title…


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