Canmore Engine Bridge


Enjoyed spending some time editing some of my photos in B&W this morning!

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30 degrees below

An older Canadian fellow said to me this morning what a brisk day it was! His enthusiasm must have rubbed off as I thought I’d go take some photos and get some Vitamin D… but after 10min, I can’t say I shared his definition of brisk. This is what -30 looks like!

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Yesterday, as I was driving down a backroad, making the most of the winter sunshine, I saw a group of ravens by the side of the road making a fuss over something. I expected some dead roadkill, but as I pulled up closer to the intersection, the head of this coyote popped up to eye me off. I pulled over on the side of the road and slowly walked down to the ditch where the coyote was feeding on a dead buck. It was a pretty awesome experience to be able to watch the coyote quietly feeding on the buck from only a stone’s throw distance. Eventually a truck came by and scared the coyote off, who then was harassed by these ravens. The amount of wildlife I came across during the couple of hours I was driving around was incredible – you just need to get out there!




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‘Lady Aurora’

Seeing that the Northern Lights might make an appearance I made the impulsive decision to head out a couple nights ago! I hadn’t even reached the spot I’d previously staked out when the sky suddenly lit up in colour! I found a driveway to chuck a uey in as I’d just driven past a lake, pulled off on the side of the road and for the next half hour I enjoyed an incredible show of the lights ‘dancing’ and even experienced pillars of light right above me! Was the best show I’ve witnessed yet! Had trout jumping out of the lake right next to me, a pack of coyotes howling in a nearby field, and a Great Horned Owl flying inches from my head all in the pitch black. Also nearly lost my boot in the mud…

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Summer Sunday

Got incredibly blessed with some awesome light on Sunday and we made the most of the sunshine by heading to the little town of Canmore to do some exploring. Open roads, still lakes and paths leading to epic bridges! With the leaves starting to turn colour and the temperature hovering around 22 degrees it felt more like spring than summer ! Days like this somehow make you feel that much closer to God I reckon! Something about getting away from it all and enjoying the simple things in some glorious sunshine… 🙂


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Black-capped Chickadee

These guys signalling spring the other week! Cheeky little birds that come right up to you to check out what’s going on!

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The Reservoir

Made the most of the sunshine on this beautiful winters day and walked down to this local reservoir… saw some coyotes in the woods too.

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